TOJIRO JAPAN – Pride and Tradition

What we have been pursuing since our establishment is the “Sharpness”.

We believe that the advanced technology is not the only factor to produce excellent products. Esteeming traditional technique, unceasing endeavor for higher standards, several consultations with material suppliers, millions of trials and failures – all of these are the factors of our manufacturing spirits.

Our original patented DP (Decarburization Prevention) method, Good Design Award recognized to many of our products by Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry, for example, are the results of our enthusiasm.

We have now over 800 items, and our sales amount is the top level among knife manufacturers in Niigata Prefecture, and also among the top 5 in nationwide.

It is our pleasure to introduce our products to the market in the whole world. Please have a look, and enjoy the world of Tojiro Japan.