We have been pursuing “The Sharpness” of cutting tools.

The essential point of Japanese blade is sharpness. We have many products and they are manufactured from the theme to combine material own character and new technology. They have same traditional spirits of Japanese foods to pursuit delicate beauty and our Tojiro-Pro series knives are also born by same passion. This is the extremely crystal from tradition of Japanese sword culture like “Shinogi” which is reappearance of traditional form of Japanese cooking knife.

We have been pursuing “The Sharpeness” of cutting tools form our establishment, which is basic function of knife. It is not an exaggretion to say the sharpeness of knife would influencethe completion of cooking because Japanese cooking esteems beauty of cutting face, brightness and brilliance of knife. Then, we have been brushing up traditional technology and developed our own technology as DP method with examination of blade material. It means we have been challenging technology innovation from our establishment and delivery wide range products for not onli professional use but also common house use in whole world with conflaction of most advanced technology and traditional technology. We wish to support not only Japanese cooking culture but also world cooking culture from the face of cutting tools by development of superior products through inheritence of traditional technology and technology innovation.