Company History

Many local cities in Japan have been flourished by developing their unique culture and technology. The background of this development is the long lasted feudal society ruled by monarchs during Edo-period (1603-1868), under which every feudal lord had to come and live in Edo (present Tokyo) for one year in turn to show his loyalty to the Shogun. The feudal lords brought and offered their local quality products and traditional culture when they visited the Shogun to obtain his admiration and eventually his support to their local territory. In order to do so, it was quite important for the feudal lords to encourage their local people to enhance the quality of their goods and culture.

Tsubame-Sanjo, where the Tojiro factory is located, was one of such provincials. Tsubame-Sanjo used to be the Japanese sword producing district and our predecessors had studied and improved their technique over several generations. It has been then passed down to the present and transformed as cutlery manufacturing technique.
The spirit of offering quality products to Shogun is however unchanged even today, but it is now to our customers instead of Shogun. It is our honor to have an occasion to offer our products packed with the latest technologies to our customers around the world.

Year Event
1953 Establishment of Fujitora Farm Equipment.
Started to manufacture machine parts and blade for farm equipment.
1955 Started the production of cooking knives.
1964 Establishment of Fujitora Industry Co.,Ltd. with capital fund of 2 million Japanese Yen.
1965 Capital expansion to 3 million Japanese Yen.
1968 New construction of Yoshida Factory. Manufacturing department relocated to the new factory.
1969 Capital expansion to 6 million Japanese Yen.
1970 Our products recognized as the excellent recommendable products by Niigata prefecture.
1971 Acquisition of 1,500m2 land for expansion of Yoshida Factory.
1972 Construction of Yoshida 2nd Factory completed.
1973 Capital expansion to 11 million Japanese Yen.
1978 Construction of Yoshida 3rd Factory completed.
1980 Our products awarded for Good Design Award by MITI.
1981 Our products again awarded for Good Design Award.
1985 Business headquarters relocated in Yoshida Factory.
1988 Construction of Yoshida 4th Factory completed. Sales department relocated in the present Head Office.
1992 Business headquarters relocated in the present Head Office.
1993 New construction of exclusive quenching facility in the Yoshida Factory.
1994 Expansion of polishing facility in the Yoshida Factory.
1995 Commence of collaborated knives with German Dick GmbH.
1996 Expansion of the warehouse in the Head Office.
Tojiro knife series with bolster was awarded Good Design Award and Long Life Design Award by MITI.
1998 Expansion of the Yoshida 3rd Factory completed.
2000 Establishment of FUJI CUTLERY Co.,Ltd. as distributor of FUJITORA INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd.
By reorganization, Mr. Torao Fujita inaugurated as the chairman, and Mr. Susumu Fujita as the new president.
Tojiro-Pro SD Japanese knife series was awarded Good Design Award 2000 by MITI.
2001 Sponsored 2 competitions of France Food Culture Center.
2003 Certified ISO 9001 of 2000.
2004 First exhibition at the Ambiente in Frankfurt Messe.
Certified ISO 14001.
2005 Chairman Mr. Torao Fujita passed away. (72 years old)
2006 Acquisition of 1,500m2 land for expansion of the Yoshida Factory.
2008 Construction of “Tojiro knife atelier” at the Yoshida South Factory completed.
2010 Extention of polishing and washing facilities at the Yoshida South Factory.
2012 Tojiro ORIGAMI was awarded IF Design Award 2012 (Germany).
Renovation of FUJI CUTLERY logistic center completed.
2013 Adopting manufacturing process management system, and installation of NC grinding machine at the Yoshida Factory.