Tojiro-Pro Nickel Damascus Steel Series

Petty Knife 105mm

Petty Knife 135mm

Petty Knife 150mm

Carving Knife 240mm

Carving Knife 270mm

Chef Knife 180mm

Chef Knife 210mm

Chef Knife 240mm

Chef Knife 270mm

Chef Knife 300mm

Santoku 170mm


Knives Enslave Top Chefs

Tojiro-Pro Nickel Damascus series is a pioneer who released a knives with beautiful ripple patterns on blades that were seen on a royal sword and epoch-making all stainless handle.
This has a full of elegance and the beauty enslaves top chefs in Europe and all over the world. Tojiro Supreme series that realized top chef’s many of requirements were also developed base on this Nickel Damascus series and the unbroken spirits are taken over.

Damascus Steel Wrapped in Mystery

Beautiful Ripple Patterns on Blade

Damascus steel that was highly valued material in European royal family. Unfortunately, nobody knows the method to make it that used to be handed down in Damascus district, where is a capital city of Syrian Arab Republic.
This is worldwide famous material and even said that stainless steel had been developed in the process of studying its composition.Nowadays, the word “Damascus” is recognized as a general term of forged multi-layered material. By the multi-layered structure, the carbon atom of the core material can be closer and uniformed, which gives knives higher hardness and steady keenness. Tojiro-Pro Nickel Damascus series has beautiful ripple patterns feature that comes by laying 2 different kind of steel by turns and this make the core have more composition and uniformity of its atom, which results in sharper keenness.

Art of Edging, Diligently Finished

The sharpness wows a lot of professionals. We have as many as 5 manufacturing procedures for edging with water whetstones for sharper edge.

Broad Product Range Meets Professionals’ Requirements

The highest grade and flagship model series of Tojiro-Pro. The best keenness and quality enslaved top chefs. The edge and 63layers nickel Damascus patterns will meet top chef’s requirements. Two kind of petty and trimming knife are added in 2007.

This series is also available with 18-8 stainless handle. 

Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
F-1037Petty Knife 105mm210mm70g
F-1030Petty Knife 135mm240mm75g
F-1038Petty Knife 150mm260mm85g
F-1039Carving Knife 240mm370mm175g
F-1040Carving Knife 270mm405mm210g
F-1031Chef Knife 180mm305mm165g
F-1032Chef Knife 210mm335mm175g
F-1033Chef Knife 240mm370mm230g
F-1034Chef Knife 270mm405mm270g
F-1035Chef Knife 300mm435mm320g
F-1036Santoku 170mm295mm170g