Tojiro Powdered High Speed Steel Series by 3 layers

Petty Knife 135mm

Petty Knife 150mm

Chef Knife 180mm

Chef Knife 210mm

Chef Knife 240mm

Chef Knife 270mm

Chef Knife 300mm

Santoku 170mm




Material Used for Cutting Metal


Powdered high speed steel is made of processed high speed steel that is extremely hard and usually used for cutting metals.
It processed by the way called Powder metallurgy (injecting into a mold and harden by rapid heating), which is one of the most superior method to refine metals. The atoms are uniformly in lines and the material is very minute.
Blade made by being gathered the best advanced modern technology must provide you an amazing keenness and its sustainability, which may be the longest in Japanese knife industry.
The keenness lasts much longer than you think and it is ultimate blade.

Outstanding Durability with 3 Anchors, Reinforced Laminated Material Handle and Bolster


Employed traditional shape Reinforced Laminated Material focusing on its usability and practicality. It is one of the reasons why we did not try to be different.
Reinforced Laminated Material is not only eco-friendly material but has less shrinkage with age-related deterioration and that means the durability lasts for a long time. You always can feel as if it is just like brand-new handle.
We gave top priority to durability employing 3 anchors and bolster structures as a professional model on this series.
That leads less cracks, loosening and a wrap on the handle. This is designed for professionals indeed.

Artistic Edging with Heart and Soul

Sticking to sharpness, the edge satisfies even professionals. We have more than 5 manufacturing process for edging on this series and are willing to spend a lot of time. Usually, durability is required for business-use, however, “Tojiro” have been pursuing the sharpness and studying edging and structure of a blade for a long time. This is one of a reason that many professionals use “Tojiro” as their favorite knife all over the world.

Here Comes the Greatest Technology of Kitchen Knife Industry

One of the most excellent materials, “Powdered High Speed Steel” is used for the blades of edge. This is designed for professionals and even experts. This material is often used for drills to cut metals and no other materials lasts the keenness as long as Powdered High Speed Steel.
If you are not satisfied with normal material, this will satisfies you.

Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
F-519Petty Knife 135mm240mm65g
F-525Petty Knife 150mm260mm85g
F-518Chef Knife 180mm305mm180g
F-520Chef Knife 210mm335mm200g
F-521Chef Knife 240mm365mm250g
F-522Chef Knife 270mm405mm325g
F-523Chef Knife 300mm435mm345g
F-517Santoku 170mm295mm185g