Tojiro DP Series by 3 Layers with no bolster

Nakiri 165mm

Santoku 170mm

Chef Knife 180mm

Petty Knife 135mm

Nakiri 165mm

Santoku 170mm

Chef Knife 180mm

Small Santoku 140mm

#3000 Series



A-1 Series



A Pride in Creating History of 3 Layered Knives

A Pride in Creating History of 3 Layered Knives

DP cobalt alloy steel removed impurities by low temperature gas reduction method is an epoch-making material and it is sandwiched by 13 chrome.
When we make multi-layered materials by forge welding, decarburization used to be a big problem because it causes hardness reduction. However, we could finally solve this problem by DP(Decarburization Prevention) method and could have realized compatible with easiness to care and the sharpness. These blades have been getting a very high opinion as long as half century among the professional chefs.
We never compromise with the sharpness on house-use knives neither. We prepared 4 grades depending on the design of each handle, which covers various needs from customers.
We pursued the thickness of the blades on A-1 series and it leads to amazing penetration to foods and superior keenness.

Employed “ECO” Handles

Reinforced Laminated Material

Considering the environment is one of the “Tojiro’s” fundamental functions. The handles also show our orientation toward effective utilization of resources.
Originally, most of handles used multi-layered wooden handle for their material and it was made of wood and resin processed by high-pressure crimp. However, we have completed to change from the multi-layered wood to Reinforced Laminated Material, which has less environmental impact.
“Reinforced Laminated Material” is made from sawdust, which is produced from processing of woods and usually incinerated, and resin. It is environment-friendly and has more durability.
Because handles are very important part to connect hand and blades, we paid great attention to the tactile and weighs. We are sure that the handles are superior to the former handles.

Artistic Edging with Heart and Soul

Sticking to sharpness, the edge satisfies even professionals. We have more than 5 manufacturing process for edging on this series and are willing to spend a lot of time. Usually, durability is required for business-use, however, “Tojiro” have been pursuing the sharpness and studying edging and structure of a blade for a long time. This is one of a reason that many professionals use “Tojiro” as their favorite knife all over the world.

The Keenness for Professionals at Your Home

We would like you to feel the keenness that has been having an excellent reputation for a long time among professional chefs. This is what we wished for developing this series.
We used blades that are used for professionals on this series and prepared several grades depending on the handle structures, which cover various needs from customers.
“Tojiro” DP Cobalt Alloy series with bolster and Two-layer with bolster that have broad product range for professional use are also available.

Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
F-310Nakiri 165mm285mm135g
F-311Santoku 170mm285mm130g
F-312Chef Knife 180mm295mm120g
F-313Petty Knife 135mm240mm70g
F-300Nakiri 165mm280mm110g
F-301Santoku 170mm290mm105g
F-302Chef Knife 180mm300mm95g
F-303Small Santoku 140mm250mm80g
F-304Petty Knife 135mm240mm55g