TOJIRO ERGOS Ergonomic Handle Series

Kitchen Knife 170mm (Strawberry Pink)

Kitchen Knife 170mm (Burgundy Red)

Kitchen Knife 170mm (Sesame Gray)

Kitchen Knife 170mm (Banana Yellow)

Kitchen Knife 170mm (Matcha Green)



Fusion of Ergonomics and Kitchen Knife

エルゴスの実験Developed by a university-industry collaboration project, led by Professor emeritus at Waseda University Dr. Kageyu Noro, an authority on ergonomics. There were many products that had features “designed based on ergonomics”, however, they were not scientifically verified. “Tojiro Ergos” is the first kitchen knives developed by an ergonomics expert and many experiments and verifications have been done, which nobody had done.
“Tojiro Ergos” knife never concentrates pressures on the handle, but disperses them, thereby realizing the most efficient transmission of your force and reduced physical stress on you working long hours on he knife.
The handle is also designed based on the Japanese traditional octagon-shaped handle and this realized stability and easiness to handle.

In the process of development, chefs and housemakers from aroud the world including Japan participated in our verification work. This is literally “Participatory Ergonomics”

Pursuing the Easiness to Use

エルゴスの特徴We considered not only handle but the shape of blade for “easy to cut”,”easy to handle” and “weight well balanced”.
The handle is designed based on octagon-shape with efficient supporting curve. The handle guard and tail at the end of handle prevents you from unexpectedly dropping a knife in various situations. The handle guard will also enhance as sense of stability as you need accuracy in cutting. The positioner, down front of the handle will properly guide the way of gripping that varies depending on scenes.We put special weight in the handle to make an ideal balance.
On the sharp edge, we gave full play to the accumulated technology of “Tojiro”. The fingergrip is for the first time in the industry that ribbing is applied to a blade for an antislip purpose. The delicate relief structure added to the blade surface helps enhance a sense of stability. Also the blade shape, we employed not “Santoku” but “Bunka” based on various verifications.

ECOハンドルとwith Bolster・3本鋲かしめで耐久性抜群

野呂教授Our development effort was originated in January 2008 in New York. I encountered there an octagon-shaped handle of a traditional Japanese kitchen knife used by a chef of a French and Japanese restaurant, and learned its shape was quite user-friendly and easy to control cutting-direction and blade angle when gripped. This finding led us to have the octagonal shape of a traditional Japanese kitchen knife serve as a basis for our development work. Relationships between a human hand and a knife handle are of vital significance. We investigated such things as what kind of force a hand should transmit to a handle and how a handle transmits its information to a hand. Based on these efforts, we assure safe and comfortable use of our knives to all the customers, not to mention young users, even middle-aged and older people who are losing strength in muscles of hands and arms. Although we started from the traditional form of a Japanese kitchen knife, our development work was characterized by scientific verification procedures. They were conducted with cooperation from Gifu Pref. Human Life Technology Research Institute known for its excellent achievements in this technical field, the result of which was made public at Annual Spring Conference of the Ergonomics Society of the German Language-speaking countries, 6 March, 2009, to draw a great excitement from participants. The knife was designed with an eye on being used in various countries throughout the world, namely targeted at becoming an international commodity. As such, we collected numbers of comments and suggestions on our prototype knives after being tested in cooking by homemakers from Austria, Germany, and North America, while also in Japan we visited a rehabilitation center to have them tested at their kitchen. Intensive discussions followed with the president at Fujitora Industry and his staffers while drawing sketches on the design of blade shape. In the course of those discussions, an idea of a finger grip to be attached to the blade was proposed. It was realized in the form of a unique structure created first-ever in the world by Fujitora. In such a way, the complete product was set to be put on the market in 2010. As mentioned earlier, full scientific verification was performed, but in particular I would like to strongly insist as my last comment the significance of tactile impressions of a handle. We succeeded in having a tactual sense of warmness softly transmitted onto a hand when gripping a handle. I wish our newly developed knives to be welcomed to your kitchen as a bright mascot in tandem with its staid color variation.

An emeritus at Waseda University and Erog Seating CEO
Dr. Kageyu Noro

Refined Cutting Comfort,
Presented by a Professional in Ergonomics

First in the industry designed based on ergonomics with experiments and verification and they have been done for more than 2 years. We wish our newly developed knives to be welcomed with its staid color variation.
Kageyu Noro’s(an emeritus at Waseda University and Erog Seating CEO) product with all his might.

Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
FD-1200Kitchen Knife 170mm (Strawberry Pink)305mm150g
FD-1201Kitchen Knife 170mm (Burgundy Red)305mm150g
FD-1202Kitchen Knife 170mm (Sesame Gray)305mm150g
FD-1203Kitchen Knife 170mm (Banana Yellow)305mm150g
FD-1204Kitchen Knife 170mm (Matcha Green)305mm150g