Tojiro “Flash” DP Damascus Series


Peeling Knife 70mm


Paring Knife 90mm


Paring Knife 100mm


Paring Knife 130mm


Utility Knife 150mm


Chef Knife 160mm


Chef Knife 180mm


Chef Knife 210mm


Chef Knife 240mm


Chef Knife 270mm


Santoku 180mm


Nakiri 180mm


Boning Knife 150mm


Carving Knife 210mm


Slicer 240mm


Bread Slicer 240mm


Deba 105mm


Deba 165mm


Carving Fork 170mm

All Items Except Deba





Premium Series with Global Standards

Has been released as an exclusive export model in abroad but finally came into Japanese domestic market, the name is “Senko(“Flash”)”. Sticking to not only blades but shape of the handle and bolster considering ergonomic aspects.
These perfectly designed knives you have never seen are completely different from the other design knives with no substances in the past. DP 37 layers(Peeling, Paring and Deba) or 63 layers(the rest of items) are extravagantly used for this series and the keenness is just like “Flash” in dark sky.
The beautiful pattern on the blade is a proof of the sharpness and the wide variety is one the reason to attract people in the world.

Features, Micarta Handle and Plates


Employed “Micarta” for the handle material, which is usually used for high-grade outdoor knives as well.
The beautiful handle grains that appear just like in combination with its blade’s ripple has strong duration covered with impressive metal plates. The plates are welded inside of the handle, which is difficult ways and we even spend time and effort on it.
The die-cast bolster has suitable weight and a soft touch to fingers. The design also enables you to grip in many ways when you use and provides very comfortable feeling.
The weight is well-balanced considering most effective usability and it goes just as you want using the weight.
The more you use, the better you will understand.

Artistic Edging with Heart and Soul

Sticking to sharpness, the edge satisfies even professionals. We have more than 5 manufacturing process for edging on this series and are willing to spend a lot of time. Usually, durability is required for business-use, however, “Tojiro” have been pursuing the sharpness and studying edging and structure of a blade for a long time. This is one of a reason that many professionals use “Tojiro” as their favorite knife all over the world.

Envious Premium Damascus Series

Finally came into our domestic market. “Flash”, everyone has been waiting for had been developed as an exclusive export model and had very good reputations all over the world.
“Flash”, an instigator of popularity for Damascus knives in European market employed DP 37 and 63 layers steel with impressive metal plates on the handle. It gives striking impression just like “flash” to everyone. Why don’t you become one of the owners of our premium series?


Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
FF-PE70 Peeling Knife 70mm 180mm 75g FF-PE70-sFF-PE70
FF-PA90 Paring Knife 90mm 195mm 80g FF-PA90-sFF-PA90
FF-PA100 Paring Knife 100mm 205mm 80g FF-PA100-sFF-PA100
FF-PA130 Paring Knife 130mm 235mm 90g FF-PA130-sFF-PA130
FF-UT150 Utility Knife 150mm 270mm 150g FF-UT150-sFF-UT150
FF-CH160 Chef Knife 160mm 280mm 160g F-896-sF-896
FF-CH180 Chef Knife 180mm 315mm 240g FF-CH160-sFF-CH160
FF-CH210 Chef Knife 210mm 345mm 245g FF-CH210-sFF-CH210
FF-CH240 Chef Knife 240mm 370mm 260g FF-CH240-sFF-CH240
FF-CH270 Chef Knife 270mm 400mm 290g FF-CH270-sFF-CH270
FF-SA180 Santoku 180mm 315mm 245g FF-SA180-sFF-SA180
FF-VE180 Nakiri 180mm 315mm 260g FF-VE180-sFF-VE180
FF-BO150 Boning Knife 150mm 305mm 195g FF-BO150-sFF-BO150
FF-CA210 Carving Knife 210mm 345mm 225g FF-CA210-sFF-CA210
FF-SL240 Slicer 240mm 370mm 230g FF-SL240-sFF-SL240
FF-BR240 Bread Slicer 240mm 370mm 245g FF-BR240-sFF-BR240
FF-DE105 Deba 105mm 225mm 180g FF-DE105-sFF-DE105
FF-DE165 Deba 165mm 300mm 280g FF-DE165-sFF-DE165
FF-CF170 Carving Fork 170mm 320mm 150g FF-CF170-sFF-CF170