Tojiro-Pro DP Damascus Steel Series

Petty Knife 150mm

Carving Knife 240mm

Carving Knife 270mm

Chef Knife 180mm

Chef Knife 210mm

Chef Knife 240mm

Chef Knife 270mm



Patterns of 37 Layers Tell You a Japanese Traditional Beauty

High grade DP Damascus steel is used, which is made using skills based on manufacturing method of Japanese swords. High and low carbon stainless is laid alternatively and that sandwich a core material “Cobalt alloy steel”. That make the forged core material become harder and sharper. A pattern on the blade is a proof of Sharpness.

Art of Edging, Diligently Finished

The sharpness wows a lot of professionals. We have as many as 5 manufacturing procedures for edging with water whetstones for sharper edge.

This series is also available with 18-8 stainless handle.

Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
F-651Petty Knife 150mm260mm80g
F-652Carving Knife 240mm365mm190g
F-653Carving Knife 270mm405mm220g
F-654Chef Knife 180mm310mm165g
F-655Chef Knife 210mm340mm175g
F-656Chef Knife 240mm365mm230g
F-657Chef Knife 270mm405mm270g