Tojiro “Zen” DP Cobalt Alloy Steel Series

eeling Knife 70mm

Paring Knife 90mm

Paring Knife 130mm

Chef Knife 180mm

Chef Knife 210mm

Chef Knife 240mm

Chef Knife 270mm

Santoku 165mm

Nakiri 165mm

Slicer 210mm

Mini Light Deba 115mm

Deba 155mm

Yanagi-Sashimi 210mm

Bread Slicer 240mm

All Products Except the Item Below


FD-570〜572 (Mini Light Deba / Deba / Yanagi-Sashimi)


FD-559 (Bread Slicer)



You Can Casually Feel a Fusion of Japanese Style and Western Style

Blade of Zen

“Tojiro” have been pursuing the keenness, also has a lot of accumulated know-how. Especially, the knowledge for processing 3-layer material is one of the top classes and the production number is No.1 in the world.
“Easiness to use” is from western-style and “Comfortable grip and convenience of being able to change the handle” are from Japanese-style knives. It is a fusion of modern style and Japanese tradition.
We set this series in a reasonable price range so that you can casually fell the feeling of upper grade “Shippu” DP Damascus series that has been gaining excellent reactions. We never compromise with the sharpness even if it is reasonable price. Please feel Tojiro’s heart and soul.
(*DP cobalt alloy steel 2-layers is used for Mini-light Deba, Deba and Yanagi.)

Considered with Handle-replacement for Environment

Regarding handle structure, we followed Japanese traditon and employed Oak wood with PC ferrule. The shape and diameter are designed using our know-how have been accumulated since our establishment. Especially , for the knives such as peeling and paring peculiar to western countries, we newly designed smaller handles.

Artistic Edging with Heart and Soul

Sticking to sharpness, the edge satisfies even professionals. We have more than 5 manufacturing process for edging on this series and are willing to spend a lot of time. Usually, durability is required for business-use, however, “Tojiro” have been pursuing the sharpness and studying edging and structure of a blade for a long time. This is one of a reason that many professionals use “Tojiro” as their favorite knife all over the world.

“Zen”, A Atage of Selflessness. Studied the Essence of Knives

The essence of “Tojiro”, fusion of Japanese-style sticking to the keenness and Western-style. This is a standard series with basic functions of Japanese-style knives have been cultivated in their mind by working hard. Edging is the sharpness is the same as upper grade’s even if this is a standard series. Please feel Japanese knife culture close to you.
“Shippu”, used DP Damascus steel series is also very popular.

Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
FD-560eeling Knife 70mm190mm35g
FD-561Paring Knife 90mm200mm40g
FD-562Paring Knife 130mm225mm45g
FD-563Chef Knife 180mm255mm120g
FD-564Chef Knife 210mm275mm135g
FD-565Chef Knife 240mm360mm170g
FD-566 Chef Knife 270mm395mm190g
FD-567Santoku 165mm305mm125g
FD-568Nakiri 165mm335mm145g
FD-569Slicer 210mm375mm110g
FD-570Mini Light Deba 115mm335mm80g
FD-571Deba 155mm375mm140g
FD-572Yanagi-Sashimi 210mm335mm110g
FD-559Bread Slicer 240mm375mm170g