Tojiro Aogami Steel Series


Yanagi-Sashimi 240mm


Yanagi-Sashimi 270mm


Yanagi-Sashimi 300mm


Yanagi-Sashimi 330mm


Yanagi-Sashimi 360mm


Tako-Sashimi 240mm


Tako-Sashimi 270mm


Tako-Sashimi 300mm


Tako-Sashimi 330mm


Tako-Sashimi 360mm


Rounded Spine Deba 150mm/p>


Rounded Spine Deba 165mm


Rounded Spine Deba 180mm


Rounded Spine Deba 210mm


Slanted Spine Yanagi-Sashimi 240mm


Slanted Spine Yanagi-Sashimi 270mm


Slanted Spine Yanagi-Sashimi 300mm




Top Grade with Amazing Hardness for Professionals

High-quality iron that has been supported Japanese cutlery culture has been born from enthusiasm of craftsmen who had been pursuing the keenness. The manufacturing process has been transmitted from the old time. “Tatara manufacturing process” is one of the old ways to make iron that has less impurity and many other ways to get rid of impurity and make fine materials by forging are invented. Materials for cutleries fromHitachi Metals Co., Ltd are taking over the tradition. Adding Chrome(Cr) and Tungsten(W) into “Shirogami” that includes much less impurities among irons, it could have more abrasion resistance and fracture toughness.
It not only made up the usual knives’ shortcoming “easiness to chip” but realized long-lasting sharpness by the abrasion resistance.
“Tojiro” Aogami series employed the Aogami steel and put soft iron together. The sharpness and the easiness to care are compatible with each other.

Round Spine and Slanted Spine

Consideration of Usability for Top Grades

We stuck to the structure of the blades to realize compatibility between the sharpness and easiness to care for daily use. Not only the edge but we are also paying attention to the finishing of spine. On rounded spine Deba series, we rounded the edge of spine.
This offers soft tactile to your fingers in using. Also on slanted spine Especially Yanagi series, we grinded the spine on a slant because delicate control by index finger is always required in using Yanagi. The slant helps the control very well. “Tojiro” is full of kindness and consideration for users.
*Regular-shape spine Deba and Yanagi are also available.

Excellent Hand-made Edging by Craftsmen with Heart and Soul

The ultimate blades pursuing the keenness. The blades straight-grinded shape from spine to the edge is for experts and well-experienced chefs who are not satisfied with regular knives. You can feel craftsmen’s heart and soul, or even talk to them through the artwork. The keenness is amazingly beautiful and excellent.

The Keenness Just Right for Top Grade

Employed the highest quality iron “Aogami”. It has superior abrasion resistance and keenness and this series for experts. The real buffalo horn ferrule prevents the blade from coming out or getting loose.
“Tojiro” Aogami Damascus steel series that has beautiful ripple patterns on the blade, and Shirogami steel series that has various kinds for professionals are also available.

Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
F-960 Yanagi-Sashimi 240mm 380mm 125g F-960-sF-960
F-961 Yanagi-Sashimi 270mm 410mm 160g F-961-sF-961
F-962 Yanagi-Sashimi 300mm 450mm 200g F-962-sF-962
F-963 Yanagi-Sashimi 330mm 490mm 245g F-963-sF-963
F-964 Yanagi-Sashimi 360mm 525mm 295g F-964-sF-964
F-970 Tako-Sashimi 240mm 375mm 100g F-970-sF-970
F-971 Tako-Sashimi 270mm 415mm 120g F-971-sF-971
F-972 Tako-Sashimi 300mm 455mm 135g F-972-sF-972
F-973 Tako-Sashimi 330mm 490mm 150g F-973-sF-973
F-974 Tako-Sashimi 360mm 520mm 205g F-974-sF-974
F-975 Rounded Spine Deba 150mm 285mm 240g F-975-sF-975
F-976 Rounded Spine Deba 165mm 310mm 270g F-976-sF-976
F-977 Rounded Spine Deba 180mm 330mm 315g F-977-sF-977
F-978 Rounded Spine Deba 210mm 385mm 425g F-978-sF-978
F-965 Slanted Spine Yanagi-Sashimi 240mm 380mm 150g F-965-sF-965
F-966 Slanted Spine Yanagi-Sashimi 270mm 415mm 170g F-966-sF-966
F-967 Slanted Spine Yanagi-Sashimi 300mm 455mm 220g F-967-sF-967