Tojiro Paulownia Cutting Boards

"Tojiro" Paulownia Cutting Board Table Size

"Tojiro" Paulownia Cutting Board Small Size

"Tojiro" Paulownia Cutting Board Middle Size

"Tojiro" Paulownia Cutting Board Large Size

Utilized Paulownia’s Advantages

Japanese cypress, ginko and zelkova are generally famous for cutting board but the more you use, the more you will how great the paulownia is.
The lightness is one of the most outstanding features of paulownia. The specific gravity is 0.28 – 0.30, which is the lightest among materials for cutting boards and good for women  to deal with everyday. Also paulownia is rich in pliability and elasticity as well. Although it is soft, small dents and scratches can be fixed due to the resilient memory of paulownia wood
This is why there is the least resistance against the edge and your edge will last longer.

Very Hygienic

Because paulownia is hard to soak up water, it never sinks inside of the wood. It also dries within just 10 minutes after washing and never turns black or rots that usually happen to the other wooden cutting boards.

Quality Paulownia Wood from Kamo City in Niigata, Japan

Kamo is a city famous for chest of drawers and has 70% of domestic market shares. In 1976, the Minister of International Trade and Industry selected the chests of drawers as “Traditional Crafts of Japan”. Their products are well known not only in Japan but through the world.
Kamo city is next to Tsubame, our city and many kind of cultural exchanges are being done between both of us.

“Paulownia”,Hygienic and Light,
The Most Suitable Material for Cutting Board

Our cutting board series using paulownia wook from Kamo city in Niigata where is very famous for paulownia chests of drawers. The lightness and hygiene offers much more advantages than the other woods and it is the best material for cutting board thinking about edge of knife.

Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
F-344"Tojiro" Paulownia Cutting Board Table Size270×190x20mm285g
F-345 "Tojiro" Paulownia Cutting Board Small Size420×235x20mm520g
F-346"Tojiro" Paulownia Cutting Board Middle Size450×295x20mm720g
F-347"Tojiro" Paulownia Cutting Board Large Size530×295x20mm905g