Kitchen Shears

"Tojiro-Pro" Separable Kitchen Shears

"Tojiro" INOX Kithcen Shears

"New Artcook" Kitchen Shears

"Gracelab" Separable Kitchen Shears

"Gracelab II" Kitchen Shears

No Compromise with Kitchen Shears

Separatable and Washable

Frequency of using kitchen shears has been increasing in these days since convenient pre-cooked ingredients are in markets.
“Tojiro” utilizes the know-how have been accumulated through knife manufacturing for a long time into the shears.
We put notches on the edge for less slippery between foods or ingredients, which offers comfortable feelings of use.

Prepared Separable Shears Considering Hygiene

We prepared hygienic separable shears on Tojro-Pro and Grace Love series. You can separate them very easily and wash whole parts to remove dirt behind the edges.
Because they are designed not to come off in regular use, you do not have to worry about being careful too much in using.
To separate, you open them much more obtuse angle than you usually use.

Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
FK-843"Tojiro-Pro" Separable Kitchen Shears205x75x15mm150g
FG-3500"Tojiro" INOX Kithcen Shears205x75x10mm160g
FC-411"New Artcook" Kitchen Shears205x85x10mm105g
FC-418"Gracelab" Separable Kitchen Shears205x75x10mm95g
FC-419"Gracelab II" Kitchen Shears205x75x10mm95g