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"Tojiro-Pro" Attache Case (Silver)

"Tojiro-Pro" Attache Case (Black)

"Tojiro" Soft Knife Case

"Tojiro" Magnetic Knife Stand

"Kitchen Gear" Knife Block

Carry and Put Your Own Knives Away Safely

Carry and Put Your Own Knives Away Safely
–”Tojiro-Pro” Attaché Case


Firearms and Swords Control Law was revised in 2009 and we have to be more and more careful in carrying kitchen knives.
Our attaché case is designed focusing on how safe you can carry. 2 sets of blade cases that can have 6 knives each make it possible to put knives away and organize systematically in the case.
Because it also has lock for security purpose, you do not have to worry about. We recommend the case with confidence as a knife professional.


Carry and Put Knives Away Casually – “Tojiro” Soft Knife Case

ソフトナイフケースThis soft knife case is for people who do not need large-scale attaché case. Once you open it, there are pockets to insert handles and you can put knives such as Petty, Chef, Deba and even Yanagi. The material fabric has enough strength and the knives never break through the case.
After zipping it up, you can also fold it into three layers to make it compact. We recommend this for instructor chefs who have opportunities to give a lecture.

Easy to Put it on and Take it Off with Magnet
– “Tojiro” Magnetic Knife Stand


Magnetic knife stand used an image of our popular series “Flash”. You can put 4 knives on each side and take them off easily whenever you would like to use. It also helps to organize your knives and save your space.
The stylish black body naturally merges into your kitchen. Because it has enough weight, it won’t fall down either. Also it is easy to wash and clean because knives are not inserted just like general knife blocks.

Organize your kitchen clean – “Kitchen Gear” Knife Block


Kitchen Gear series is a very hygienic knife block because the body is made of 18-8 stainless. You can put 4 knives up to 21cm in (1 piece of thick knife like Deba can be put in) and there is a hole that can have kitchen tools such as kitchen shears or sharpening bar. The fan-shaped body saves space or uses it efficiently. Because the lid and bottom parts are separable, your can wash inside of the body, too.

Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
F-350"Tojiro-Pro" Attache Case (Silver)590x115x245mm2400g
F-351"Tojiro-Pro" Attache Case (Black)585x120x245mm2500g
F-355"Tojiro" Soft Knife Case510x150x 30mm400g
F-360"Tojiro" Magnetic Knife Stand300x155x290mm2750g
FC-413"Kitchen Gear" Knife Block140x140x245mm635g