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Tojiro Chef's Apron M

Tojiro Chef's Apron L

Plastic Peeler

Sharpening Stabilizer

For Joyful and Convenient Cooking

Real Aprons for Chefs – Apron Series

Chef's Apron

Durable aprons made of canvas considering the use for business purposes. We put a red circle “Tojiro” logo, an image of Japan, on stylish black background.
This simple and stylish design is also suitable for sommeliers.

For Simple Peeling – Peeler Series

Durable peelers used for business as well. Plastic peeler has very convenient functions such as unevenness to peel burdock skin on the surface of the body and functions for rubbing spices on the other side.
Stainless peeler is made of 18-8 stainless steel, which has more durability and hygienic.

Bend it and Put Ingredients Direct into a Pot – Cooking Sheet

The transparent cooking sheet can be used in cutting ingredients that have strong smell in order not to move the smell to your original cutting board and you can use it as your cutting board, of course.
The material is soft plastic, so you can cut ingredients and bend it, then put them direct into a pot. It has graduations on it to guide the cutting thickness of foods and for equal cake dividing. Also the holes help you to measure the amount of pasta.

Just Attach it, Guide the Accurate Angle – Angle Stabilizer

Sharpening StabilizerThis is a very convenient tool. You just put it on a spine, then it guides the accurate angle for re-sharpening by whetstone that you think it’s difficult. Because ceramic is attached on a part where touches with the whetstone, it is strong to abrasion and lasts longer.

Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
F-370Tojiro Chef's Apron M650x700mm260g
F-371Tojiro Chef's Apron L900x800mm380g
FG-900WPlastic Peeler135x65x10mm20g
FC-430Sharpening Stabilizer100x20x15mm20g