Simple Sharpeners / Sharpening Bars

"Tojiro-Pro" Double Rolling Sharpener

"Tojiro-Pro" Refill Stones for Sharener

"KENT" Rolling Sharpener (White)

"KENT" Rolling Sharpener (Blue)

"ARTCOOK" Rolling Sharpener (Red)

"ARTCOOK" Rolling Sharpener (White)

"KENT" Mini Sharpener (Red)

"KENT" Mini Sharpener (White)

"KENT" Mini Sharpener (Black)

Steel Bar (Fine) 270mm

Steel Bar (Fine) 300mm

Steel Bar (Fine) 360mm

Prepared Lineups
from Simple Sharpener to Orthodox Depending on Purposes

Sharpening with Mini-Sharpener

Don’t you feel re-sharpening is troublesome task? Re-sharpening with whetstone is the best way but actually it is very hard to spare the time everyday. The easy sharpeners help you very much in that case. “Tojiro” prepared 4 kinds for you and they will help to get the sharpness of your knife back whenever you do not have time to re-sharpen with whetstones.
Tojiro-Pro series has rough and finishing stone inside and it can be used for business use as well. It helps you when you would like to sharpen your knife to make your cutting work more efficient but you do not have time to use whetstones. The stainless body has more durability as well.
“Kent” and “Artcook” roll sharpener series have one rolling- system stone inside. The stone will revolve when you move a knife back and forth and the angle between the edge and stone is just like as real whetstone is. This means that the edge is naturally finished.
Kent mini sharpener has straight-crossed stone is inside. You just put the edge and pull, which is very easy. This is good for very simple re-sharpening. Kent mini sharpener is simpler.

Is Water Needed for Re-sharpening?

No water is need in using simple sharpener. You may feel that sharpening with water is more effective for re-sharpening, however, this is just temporary repair. If you use water, the stone will worn out and the quality go down faster.
However, please wash the stone several times a once, which make the stone’s life longer.
We highly recommend using whetstone once or twice a month.
These simple sharpeners just make the edge rough just like saw and that is why you feel the sharpness is back but actually it is not. If you always rely on simple sharpeners only, it may cause edge chipping or breaking.

Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
F-641"Tojiro-Pro" Double Rolling Sharpener205x75x75mm290g
F-411"Tojiro-Pro" Refill Stones for Sharener--
FK-504"KENT" Rolling Sharpener (White)145x50x40mm80g
FK-505"KENT" Rolling Sharpener (Blue)145x50x40mm80g
FK-436"ARTCOOK" Rolling Sharpener (Red)110x35x25mm25g
FK-437"ARTCOOK" Rolling Sharpener (White)110x35x25mm25g
FK-406"KENT" Mini Sharpener (Red)80x15x40mm20g
FK-407"KENT" Mini Sharpener (White)80x15x40mm20g
FK-408"KENT" Mini Sharpener (Black)80x15x40mm20g
F-820ASteel Bar (Fine) 270mm425x45x45mm380g
F-820Steel Bar (Fine) 300mm460x45x45mm455g
F-821Steel Bar (Fine) 360mm505x45x45mm500g