Tojiro Whetstone Series

Ceramic Rough Grain for Professionals (#400)

Ceramic Middle Grain for Professionals (#1000)

Ceramic Finishing Grain for Professionals (#3000)

Rough Grain for Business Use (#220)

Middle Grain for Business Use (Small/#800)

Middle Grain for Business Use (#1000)

Finishing Grain for Business Use w/Platform (#4000)

Finishing Grain for Business Use w/Platform (#8000)

Home Whetstone w/Platform (#1000)

Combination Home Whetstone w/Platform (#220/#1000)

Combination Home Whetstone w/Platform (#1000/#3000)

Touch-up Whetstone (#60)

"Tojiro-Pro" Sharpening Table

Sharpening Stabilizer

The Most Suitable Whetstones for “Tojiro” Knives

Lineup of Our Whetstones

We never compromise with whetstones, too since we are pursuing the sharpness. We prepared 3 kinds depending on the each grade of knife to live up to various requirements.
Professional ceramic whetstone series is suitable for professionals to improve their knives everyday.
Larger size and the base stand with rubber devices on the bottom make the stone steady when a knife is in motion. The stones are sintered using fine ceramic and the grain sizes are uniformed very well.
Whetstones for professional series are for people who use knives for their business or who would like to re-sharpen their precious knives. You can use them for your daily care and many types of grains are available. Finishing stones have base stand to make the stones steady for sensitive control.
Home use series is designed for home use. We pursued and considered easiness to use as a top priority. The size is very suitable for your daily use in your kitchen and we prepared combination stones of rough and middle grain and middle and fine grain as well. You just turn it over when you want to change the grain and it is very easy.
Whetstone flatter and table are added as new items.

How to Select Grains

Table and Whetstone

If you would like to learn how to re-sharpen knives, please check “Training for re-sharpen” in our web site.
We would like to explain how to select the grains here. First of all, rough grain is used to repair knives when they have chipping. It grinds the blades efficiently. From #100 to #500 are available in general but from #200 to #400 are suitable for knives.
Middle grain is used for edging. At your home, this will do everything for you and good enough to have this kind only. From #800 to #1200 are suitable.
Finishing grain is used for getting rid of tiny scratches that are made by middle grain and doing “Kobadome” that is a method to make edge stronger. From #3000 to #10000 are available in general but #4000 is often used. If you would like to this kind of finishing grind as your next step, this is what we recommend.

Item No Item Name Total Length Weight
F-471Ceramic Rough Grain for Professionals (#400)245x75x50mm1200g
F-472Ceramic Middle Grain for Professionals (#1000)245x75x50mm1050g
F-473Ceramic Finishing Grain for Professionals (#3000)245x75x50mm1080g
F-451Rough Grain for Business Use (#220)210x80x55mm925g
F-452Middle Grain for Business Use (Small/#800)205x65x40mm480g
F-453Middle Grain for Business Use (#1000)215x75x65mm1050g
F-454Finishing Grain for Business Use w/Platform (#4000)265x80x40mm345g
F-455Finishing Grain for Business Use w/Platform (#8000)265x80x40mm345g
F-431Home Whetstone w/Platform (#1000)230x65x30mm405g
F-432Combination Home Whetstone w/Platform (#220/#1000)230x65x40mm560g
F-433Combination Home Whetstone w/Platform (#1000/#3000)230x65x40mm615g
F-421Touch-up Whetstone (#60)170x55x30mm600g
F-643"Tojiro-Pro" Sharpening Table370x150x65mm1,790g
FC-430Sharpening Stabilizer100x20x15mm20g